• Plenary Speaker
    • Leka Tingitana
    • Managing Director
      Tanzania Flying Labs, Tanzania
    • Robotics for Social Good
    • Leka’s background in transferring technology from industrialized countries to areas with limited resources in a local context makes him the perfect fit for the team.

      He has lived in rural Africa for more than 10 years and acquired experience in remote data connectivity, mobile health and renewable energy. Leka is a Tanzanian Digital Change Maker with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA from the International University in Geneva.

      “Robotics solutions such as UAVs will be another technological leap for Africa similar to the mobile phone. I see a near future where drones will be as ubiquitous as the latter with our Flying Labs being the catalysts and cultivators of a new industry” says Leka, motivation behind his choice to join WeRobotics and Tanzania Flying Labs.

      As the Managing Director of Tanzania Flying Labs, Leka will be in charge of building up the first African Flying Labs and turning it into a sustainable local entity that brings robotics capacity to Tanzania and expands later on regionally over Eastern Africa.